Firewall to Firewall Transfers - Search and download even when behind a firewall. Just give permission to java.exe and you are done.

Memory Profiler - Increases system performance by automatically freeing memory when it falls below a minimum desired level.

VideoToons Game - Now don't be bored while downloading. VideoToons keeps you occupied while Swift downloads.

Extended Connections - Extended connections are created to increase search results as well as to increase the download speeds by increasing the number of hosts.

No Adware, No Spyware - We provide entertainment, not headaches.

Amazing skins - Unique 30+ Amazing Themes. Themes that you have seen never before.

Unique Car Buttons - For the first time buttons in the shape of cars. Its a visual treat specially for you.

Ease of Use - Just install, run, search and download.

Playlists - Create playlists simply by selecting multiple files and clicking open files.

TRUE SEARCH - Unlike others, we always count multiple instances of a file as always as one, thus giving you a true searching experience.

'On the Fly' Search Filter - Now you can change the type of file while a search is on.

"Swarm" downloads - Swarm downloads allows you to download from multiple hosts at the same time. This feature increase the speed of download tremendously.

Preview - Preview files while downloading to make sure you are downloading the correct file.

Bitzi lookup - Bitzi Lookup allows you to knows more about the characteristics about a file. A great way to find fake files.

Upload Control - Control the amount of Bandwidth you want to make available for Uploading. You can even stop Uploads to people you don't like.

Unique Host Filter -Ban hosts producing fake results. Just select a host and click Ban Host.

Favorite Hosts - Mark your own favorite hosts. This gives you an opportunity to download your favorite files at a later time.

Integrated chat - Chat with the host simply to pass time of make friends.

Browse hosts - This feature allows you to browse hosts and find  about the files they are sharing.

Direct connections - Automatically connects directly to other computers for faster downloads.

Hit Snooping - Swift automatically monitors the incoming search results to find more sources for downloads.

Shared Library - Shared library is a great way to share files residing in different folders.















Special Thanks to  webtemplateszone for providing this free template.