The funny Peer to Peer file sharing software. Works on Gnutella Network.

Download MP3's, Games, Software and lots of cool stuff all the while running your pc running like New. Yes, FunToosh produces unmatched results and amazing download speeds + the Memory Profiler keeps your PC running in optimum condition + the inbuilt Game keeps you busy while downloading.

 Feature List:

  • Firewall to Firewall Transfers
  • Memory Profiler - PC Optimizer
  • VideoToons Game - Downloading made exciting
  • Extended Connections - Increase download speeds
  • No Adware, No Spyware - Guaranteed
  • Amazing themes - Unique never before themes
  • Unique Car Buttons - For that special funny feeling
  • One Search - One search across artists, album, genre,etc
  • Playlists - Create playlists for MP3 files
  • Ease of use - just install, run, search and download
  • TRUE Search - Unlike others, multiple instances of a file counted as one
  • 'On the Fly' Search Filter - Filter results while searching
  • "Swarm" downloads - Download from multiple Hosts
  • Preview - Preview files while downloading
  • Bitzi lookup - Find more about the files you are downloading
  • Upload Control - Control what to Upload and to whom
  • Unique Host Filter -Ban hosts producing fake results
  • Favorite Hosts - Mark your own favorite hosts
  • Integrated chat - Chat while downloading
  • Browse hosts - Browse hosts to find what they have for sharing
  • Direct connections - Connect directly to a computer
  • GWebCache, a distributed connection system
  • Hit Snooping - Search Query traffic for more results
  • Shared Library - Share only what you want
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Funny is this world, funnier are the people and funniest of them all is FunToosh






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